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Non Linear

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Non-linear means that a film can be assembled in any order from beginning to end, and editing changes can be made at any time and any place in the film. 

On the other hand, when you edit using video, an editor must begin the cut at the beginning of the program and lay down shots in a sequential order. Often a project edited in this way must make several versions of the program.

Non-Linear Editing, in the context of computer editing, is to film and video editing what the word processor was to the typewriter. 

Non-linear editing combines the best of both film and video into one editor. An NLE allows you to change edits anywhere at any time. An NLE can save hours of work logging and archiving footage. 

An NLE can remember and undo your recent edits that you aren’t happy with. An NLE can generate an Edit Decision List (EDL) for film (a “cut list”) or video to be sent to a negative conformer or in the case of video, can be imported into an edit controller. 

Most NLE’s use all digital sound. Many NLE’s allow you to do titles generation, dissolves, wipes, video and 3D effects, and other custom effects on-the-fly or in real time. Many NLE’s allow you to convert to and from other computer formats for manipulation by other graphics programs (for morphing, matting, or other manipulation).

Non-linear-editors are an AMAZING tool for an editor, both on film and video. There are literally dozens of non-linear editors on the market and Raj Film Productions Int Ltd works with most of them. Some companies and professionals have been in the business for longer than others, however.

Raj Film Productions Int Ltd provides non-linear services like AVID’s Media Composer and Film Composer 8000, Data Translation’s Media 100, Light Works, the Video Cube, D-Vision Domino, Smoke, Flint, Flame, Henry, Hal, Touch, Media 844, Media 100, Edit Box.

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