We are renowned for having a huge number of talented composers living within its borders. Most of the music productions in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Raj Film Productions Int Ltd will help you find that missing note or even that missing tune in your production! Let us know what you need; 

Do you need music for a motion picture?
Do you need ethnic music? 
Do you need a song that would add more to your production?

We can get you the best music composers, arrangers and even song writers.


Raj Film Productions Int Ltd has teamed up with the best post production professionals specialized in sound-to-picture work. Offering sound editing, design, mixing and music composition, the team has created soundtracks for numerous commercials, documentaries, feature films and TV series.

Raj Film Productions Int Ltd provides you with a one-stop outlet for all your audio-visual work.

For further inquiries on post production sound services, please contact us

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