Casting Call for Bollywood Project

We currently seeking for Actors for a film shoot in UK from July . Please find enclosed the character we seeking and apply accordingly. UK cast only please .

Arun Kumar 50 – 60 age ASIAN
Arun Kumar is Sharmila’s father. Very supportive middle age man with great sense of humor. He is always trying to be there for his daughter. He is always willing to help with her personal life or work. They are an example of very well-working parent and child relation. Arun is a jovial man with good heart. He likes to drive his car and singing.

Balaji 30 - 40
Balaji is a police officer in Scottland. He working often around Dignath’s family manor. They having a certain agreement between each other. Balaji is not family friendly, he is disgust by their behaviour and rich people attitude. He is cooperating only for financial gain. He is not loyal to anybody, not having a sense of good and bad especially if the money is involved. Only warm feelings he is having, he directed to his dogs.

Claire 20 - 25
Claire is young, confident and always a busy social worker. Couse of young age and level of charisma she is working very hard to gain herself respect and position. Sometimes she seemed harsh but it’s a way to hide certain sensitivity. Doesn’t like chit chats. Always busy lifestyle taught her dealing with the problem in a quick and efficient way.

Mrs. Scott 60 -70 white hair glasses similar to Mrs boubfire�Mrs. Scott is around fifty years old, wealthy lady. The friend of Dignath’s family. She is straightforward. Years of living comfort life made here treating people like items, especially towards Sharmila, at her engagement party. Recently she was diagnosed with cancer and because of her rare blood type, she has difficulties to recover. That makes harder to hide her anger and impatience.

Mukesh 35 - 45
He is working in CBN STUDIOS BULLPEN. He is superior to Sharmila and Chiru. He is easy to cooperate with, but he expects good work and reliability from his people.

Receptionist hotel 20 -25

Reitesh – 27 – 32 Cheesy possessive boyfriend

Zoo Keeper ticket sales person – Male or Female 18 – 30 bubbly person

Rohini 20 - 25�Rohini is a daughter of Priyanka. Ex-drug addict and dealer, a girl with the past. On the way to come back to normal, healthy life, Rohini meeting a new man. She believes he will help her change her bad habits and build new bright future. Will it happen?

Priyanka 50 – 60 female old
Priyanka is a Mather of Rohini. She is a good, quiet woman, who suffers after losing her only daughter. She has a strong feeling of justice, she feels, her daughter is not alive but she is trying to do everything to bring her home. �

Ferena Khan 20 - 35
Ferena is an Indian actress with a doubtful reputation. She cannot hold her nerves and she is very sensitive about gossips. No matter she is an actress she has difficulties to keep herself calm.


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