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About US

Raj Film Productions Int Ltd mission is to build and support a strong media arts community in Europe and India by promoting the production and public awareness of film and video as artistic forms of individual expression.

The company was founded as an outgrowth of the need for equipment access, networking, information dissemination and support among media artists and producers in Europe and India.

Our Productions’ aim was to produce films focusing on arts, literary in its broadest sense. Communication of the arts to a wider public is something that Raj Film Productions Int Ltd considers extremely important and was the original aim when the company was founded.

We, at Raj Film Productions Int Ltd , believe that this communication of arts must be both entertaining and informative and can be achieved in a variety of ways, from serious in depth films to popular appeal programs and interactive formats.

In the past few years, Raj Film Productions Int Ltd has continued to grow and produce a string of cutting-edge programmes, classic documentaries, documentaries and docu-series including festival entries, in addition to feature films, commercials, TV programmes and music videos.

In the coming years, the company is set to release an extraordinary and exciting variety of new documentaries, films and series. Raj Film Productions Int Ltd is constantly dedicated to the development of entertaining projects that are high in concept with original cinematic vision and offbeat topics that reflect the diversity and complexity of the human nature. Raj Film Productions Int Ltd will remain committed to pushing the boundaries of politics, culture and society.

The entertainment industry is a delicate balance between art and business. Achieving the balance between the two disparities is an on-going struggle. Yet, the existence of each depends on the other.

The entertainment industry is a delicate balance between art and business. Achieving the balance between the two disparities is an on-going struggle. Yet, the existence of each depends on the other.




Raj Film Productions Int Ltd is a company that is well balanced between the aspects of art and business. We realise the importance of each and their impact on one another and how their welfare is essential for us to succeed. After all, our ultimate goal is to leave a legacy of lasting, memorable images of your production and a lasting relationship through our business services.

We’d be happy to consult with you on your upcoming production to make sure your ultimate pre and post-production needs are being properly planned for .

Raj Film Productions Int Ltd  is a unique service set up from Casting Professionals, Production Office, Editing Suite, Transport Services, Crew,….
We have a dedicated database of casting directors, production companies, in-house writers, directors and television and film contacts that we have spoken to and built relationships with for years.

Taking into consideration the current economic climate many casting directors and production companies are contacting actors and extras directly to book them for low budget work, particularly in last minute commercials, music videos, viral and internet productions.

A casting agency is always known for its ability to offer extras, models and creative talent to the film industry we are dedicated in bringing out the talent from every single one of our members and help showcasing their craft in the best Films, Catwalk, Music Videos… they deserve.

Raj Film Productions brings you innovative and ground-breaking films & documentaries, with expert professionals and technicians at the heart of its faculty. These professionals assist our company in devising and delivering original and creative pieces of moving imagery.

Use Raj Film Productions and let us take care of all your events need. Our experienced staff are there to provide you with flawless event coverage and support during your special product launches, exclusive opening ceremonies, fashion shows, concerts and brand endorsements or for that all important career boost.

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