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King of Bliss KING OF BLISS - A Feature Length Comedy        

Arthur is an eccentric 72-year-old retired London bus conductor. He is a free spirit. He loves life. He dyes his hair two colours, he tap dances, he's a dab hand with a glitter gun but the one thing missing from his ideal existence is a wife.

One night he wins big time at bingo and while buying drinks for everyone at his local pub, he meets Shaney, a young crack head and bang - he falls in love. She's the one.

On a bet, Shaney seduces Arthur. The following night her boyfriend burgles and demolishes Arthur's flat, stealing his bingo win. Arthur is falsely accused of destroying his property and assaulting the upstairs neighbour.

The Court find him mentally incompetent and orders him into an old people's home. To Arthur this is death but true to his free spirit he decides to deal with his fate in a most original way.
Cannes Can! CANNES CAN! - A Feature Length Comedy

Young filmmaker, Luc Deville-Thorpe, comes to Cannes to learn the business of film but low on cash and big on creativity he decides to use some unorthodox methods to promote his movie, SEEDS OF HOPE.
His methods soon attract the attention of a sleazy female porn producer, a gangland boss, a girlfriend with attitude, a flock of sheep, the French police and the world paparazzi. Set against the A-list backdrop of the Cannes Film Festival, the buzz, the biz and the blue, blue sea, For Luc, Cannes Can! is about paying the price of his dreams.
Hollow Earh HOLLOW EARTH - A Feature Length Fantasy Drama

On a cold January evening, 1908, on his deathbed an old Norwegian fisherman passes on an amazing story and a map to Robert Royston, a young bank clerk, about a paradise of super beings living in harmony within the earth. His dying wish is that Robert shares this with the world. Are these the lunatic ravings of a dying old man or is there truth to his claim?

When Royston eventually decided to seek out this paradise, he is unaware of the enormous obstacles he faces, including the attention of the newly formed U.S. Secret Service. Hollow Earth is one man's search for paradise and peace.
One Life Later ONE LIFE LATER - An Action Drama   

Edward Ravensworth is a selfish, cynical CEO of a large aggressive international marketing firm. Terrorism, child labour, sex traffic mean nothing to him. He will market anything his clients demand if the price is right.

But for all his material wealth and power, Edward has a grave problem. With enormous pressures at work and on the verge of divorce from his wife, he experiences hallucinations and nightmares he can't explain. Haunted by a medieval enemy,  a mysterious woman and the intended massacre of innocents which begin to mirror the present, Edward must choose between the hero's path or his old self.

ONE LIFE LATER is a story about one man's struggle to find his soul.









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